Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS)

Reformation International College (RIC) and Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS) began in 1996 and still operates so that people on the mission fields of the world can receive access to inexpensive college and seminary training (only $75/credit for college and $95/credit for seminary!). We prepare the next generation of preachers, teachers, and other leaders who in turn will teach others (2 Tim. 2:2).

Whether it be in the mission fields of the world, or in North America and Europe, we are committed to educating people in their local setting through our distance education program, so that their education becomes immediately applicable to their situation.  Those within their circle of influence don’t have to wait for three to six years to benefit from the education the student is receiving, because within days of their learning it, they will be using it in their culture, in their church and in their immediate setting.

Reformation International College (RIC) has a teacher training program which offers a Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor’s in Education).  It is useful in providing teacher training for teachers in our school in Suriname.  However, since the B.Ed. program is based on State of Florida requirements, this program also offers opportunities for students in the United States to study towards qualification for the Florida State Teacher’s Certification. RIC is a member of the Florida Council of Private Colleges (FCPC) and our B.Ed. program is accredited by the FCPC.

(For more details about the College, go to the RIC page and download a catalog.)

Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS) has produced its own courses through the collaborative effort of a good number of qualified professors and centers its education around the Master of Divinity degree.  A Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) is also currently available, as well as a full-orbed doctoral program.

(For more details about the Seminary, click here to go to the RITS page and download a catalog.)

Both RIC and RITS are very competitive in price and thoroughly REFORMED in content with the aim of producing solid Christian thinkers and ministers. For information on the RITS & RIC doctoral programs, click here.